You’ve seen the episode–now the fun starts!

The main question on the table for next episode is who just knocked on the door. That character will be the first one that Jocelyn interacts with on-screen, and that decides a lot of the story to come!

I’ve included some of my own suggestions, but f you write in your own proposal to the poll under “other” before midnight PST on the 12th, your suggestion will be added to the poll to others to vote on.

What if the poll doesn’t incorporate what you want to happen? Comment on this post, and if your idea gains traction (for example, people commenting on it, hitting “like”), then I’ll incorporate it into the show. As you’ll see, this will be all about gathering support for your ideas–whether that’s by getting your friends and family to vote, making fanart that depicts your idea, or bringing new people in to watch the series.

(I hope I don’t need to say that suggestions that are obviously trolling (looking at you, Jarchivist fandom <3) won’t be included in the show.)

Let’s get started–we have a story to tell!

Comment below with your own ideas!