You’ve seen the episode–now it’s time for our final round of brainstorming!

The next episode will be our finale, so it’s time for you to decide how Jocelyn’s story ends.

Will they defeat the sinister Harvester Project? Who is Jessica Matthews? Will Jocelyn find her way back to her own dimension? Who will Gabe end up with?

We’re allowing more time for brainstorming this time around, because you guys have a lot to talk over! We’ll be accepting options until midnight tomorrow, November 17th. The sooner you get your proposals in, the more time they have to accumulate votes!

November 20th we’ll close polling entirely. We’ll take a week to produce the episode, then release it on November 30th.

What if the poll doesn’t incorporate what you want to happen? Comment on this post, and if your idea gains traction (for example, people commenting on it, hitting “like”), then I’ll incorporate it into the show. This is all about gathering support for your ideas–whether that’s by getting your friends and family to vote, making fanart that depicts your ideas, or bringing new people in to watch the series.

(Suggestions that are obviously trolling–or impossible for us to recreate!–won’t be added to the poll.)

Let’s get brainstorming–we have a story to tell!

Comment below with your ideas!