Mad Manatee Productions couldn’t exist without the fantastic family of creators that makes every video, from the longest of web series to the shortest of End Times Extras, possible. Read more about them here!

Alex Nolan


Mad Manatee Productions, Creator in Chief, Producer, Webmaster, Social Media Promotion
End Times, Director, Writer, Editor, “Erica”
Looking Down, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor
Final Margin, Writer, Director
Greatly Unknown, Writer, Director
REDO! A Voter’s Opera, Writer, Director, Editor

Alex is the Creator in Chief of Mad Manatee Productions and writes, directs, and produces MMP’s tent pole undertaking, End Times. She spends the majority of her time working with MMP or studying toward a Media Studies major at Pomona College, where she is the President of Claremont Colleges Television and producer of the sitcom Far from the Tree. She would like to thank everyone involved with End Times from the bottom of her heart, from her dedicated and enthusiastic cast to her skilled and creative crew. Until the end.


Kevin Wyatt-Stone


Mad Manatee Productions, Music
End Times, “Charlie,” Music
Looking Down, Sound, Music

Kevin Wyatt Stone is a founding member of the Lord Pringle’s Men. Past theater roles include Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, Macduff in Macbeth, Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, John Brooke in Little Women, and A Functioning Adult in Real Life. His hobbies include writing and covering songs under the name AurellHarmonics, singing in choir, brushing his majestic hair, and getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology from the University of Oregon. While at school, Kevin is a member of both the University of Oregon Chamber Choir and early music ensemble Vox Resonat.


Kim Miner


End Times, “The Archivist”
Looking Down, “Athena”
Final Margin, “Cissi”
Greatly Unknown, “Jessica Matthews”

A recent graduate from Emerson College’s performing arts department, Kim has been blessed to participate in End Times and another of Alex Nolan’s brain-children, Looking Down (dir. Katie Santos). She’d like to thank her parents, eternally supportive despite her reclusiveness; her best friend, Katie Santos; her fellow inhabitants of the Archiveverse, Solika O’Neill, Melia Wallace, and Erich Williams; and their fearless leader, Alex Nolan herself.


Katrina Santos


Mad Manatee Productions, Social Media Promotion
End Times, “Kimber,” Additional Editing
Looking Down, Director

Katrina Santos lives in Seattle, Washington and is working on a degree in Gender Studies and Communications. In addition to working on End Times, she is the director for the upcoming Mad Manatee Productions short film, Looking Down. For her, End Times is a serious passion project and she is grateful to get to be a part of this phenomenal experience.

Abby Burlingame


End Times, “Trace”
REDO! A Voter’s Opera, “The Hunter”

When not running around with a camera and trying to remember lines, Abby spends her time studying geology, English and theater at Bryn Mawr College. She is involved in the Shakespeare Performance Troupe on campus, and some recent highlights for her include directing a post-apocalyptic production of Julius Caesar and playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. End Times has been her first cinematic foray and a learning experience the entire time. Besides acting, she enjoys beings outdoors and looking at rocks, as well as reading and watching anything science fiction.

Matthew Fisher


End Times, “Dane”
Looking Down, “Prometheus”

Matthew Fisher is a student at Whitman College pursuing a Politics degree, much to Dane’s chagrin. Some of his favorite roles he has played are Benedick and Claudio from Much Ado About Nothing, John Proctor from The Crucible, and Parolles from All’s Well that Ends Well. And although he may have a large amount of experience with Shakespeare, Matthew loves his acting family with Mad Manatee Productions. Outside of the theater and the film set, Matthew likes to rock climb (occasionally), write, read, create art in its various forms, and be an extremely pretentious person.

Ryan Kearns


End Times, Season 3, “Adrian”

An honorary Kardashian, Ryan is a student at Redmond High School in Redmond, Washington. His passions include acting, singing, psychology, drag, and being a Kardashian. He is an avid gamer, Tumblr addict, RuPaul super fan, and a Kardashian. When he’s not busy eating and being a Kardashian, Ryan loves to perform. He started acting at age 7 and has been hooked ever since. He has also been singing since he was 5 and been studying drag since he was 14. Outside of performing, Ryan studies psychology in his free time (when he’s not busy being a Kardashian and all).

Jordy Renderos


End Times, Seasons 1 and 2, “Adrian”

I take time to read, write, humor others and do one of my many hobbies depending on the given time. I love learning new pieces of information that I can use to share with others. I will not say much more in this bio, but I hope this generic note will leave you happier than before. Bye.

Cameron Riggins


End Times, “Harry”

Cameron Riggins is not a space alien.

Zachary Almeida


End Times, Additional Post-Production Services

Zachary Almeida (22) is a graduate of Emerson College where he studied Film and Hearing and Deafness. An Off-Broadway director and film editor, he currently freelances in Los Angeles and works remotely elsewhere. His latest include the World Series of Poker and the EPK for Spike Lee’s film “Chi-Raq”. In rare moments when Zach is not working, he likes to take his motorcycle to distant hills and serenade doves with his didgeridoo. Zachary is very proud to be a part of Mad Mantee Productions and would like to thank the cast and crew for their passion, dedication, and overall awesomeness.

Erin Dwyer


End Times, “Maddi”

Favorite Credits: Bun Foo (Thoroughly Modern Mille), Verges (Much Ado), Hermia (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Abigail Williams (The Crucible). I am a junior at Seattle University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and I work part time. It has been a pleasure to play a character that was both challenging and a way to connect to my favorite hobby. Love to MDZL.

Emma Hunt


End Times, “Hattie James”

Emma Hunt is a rising senior at the International Community School in Kirkland, WA and is delighted to join the cast of End Times this summer. She is an active member of the Drama program at her school and has worked on the development team of the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Rising Star Project for the past 2 years. A fan of End Times since the beginning, she is so excited to work on the show this season opposite the Sur5ors! Until the end!

Ellen Green


Mad Manatee Productions, Graphic Artist

Ellen Green is the maniacal mind behind the Mad Manatee logo and fangirl extraordinaire for all Mad Manatee projects. You can see more of her work by checking out her webcomic, The Science of Fandom, which explores science through the lens of beloved geek universes, such as Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and End Times. Ellen studies Molecular Biology at Pomona College, and also runs for the Pomona-Pitzer cross country and track teams (pictured here post-race).

The Science of Fandom

Court Huston


End Times, “Anna”
REDO! A Voter’s Opera, “The Hacker”

Court is thrilled to have had the chance to join the crazy preparational cult—cast, she means—that is End Times. When she and Anna (her alter ego) aren’t filming, they like to spend time lounging on the couch watching Sam and Dean gank demons in a whole different kind of apocalypse. Other than that, Court does enjoy playing lacrosse and she attends Eastside Catholic High School in Washington state. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and Mrs. Lara Nolan for their fabulous work. And always… I love you Rachel. Okay? Okay.

James Litvak


End Times, “Hanson”

James Litvak recently returned to the Seattle area from his second year at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Manhattan. His previous credits include student films such as Phaedra’s Love and North of Providence and work with the Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts. He would like to thank his family for their limitless support, as well as his instructors at the LSTFI and NYU (special shout-outs to Tim Crouse and Bill Balzac; thanks for all the great advice) for turning him into the weird messed up Method Actor he is today.

Travis Lilly


End Times, Graphic Artist
REDO! A Voter’s Opera, “The Mercenary”

“Travis Lilly, two l’s, not to be confused with the flower, is the artist responsible for some of End Times’ digital graphics and the Burtke crest. A Pacific Northwest native, probably descended from early Viking settlers, Travis has pursued the arts from a young age. Like the Sturgeon on the crest, Travis is a consummate lover of seafood, though his spirit animal is most likely a Sailfish. If you ever come across Travis, you should probably go and buy him some chowder. His art is inspired by a wide span of influences from all periods in time, but he manages to impart a modern twist. While the meaning can be hard to grasp, the daunting visuals are not.” – Paul Pfenning


Grace Madland


End Times, “Cally Albright”

Grace Madland (22) is a graduate of Gettysburg College where she studied music and French. Although not a theatre major, she was heavily involved in the department, appearing in shows such as Our Town and As You Like It, as well as many student-initiated projects. She has also performed as the lead in two short films, Immaculate Decision and White Flag, both directed by upcoming director Jeruvia Jones. Grace is very excited to be joining Mad Manatee Productions as a cast member in season two of End Times, and would like to thank the cast and crew for being such a great group of crazy kids.

Ally Medlock


End Times, “Rachel”

Ally has been attending plays and participating in drama camps since pre-school and in doing so, has developed a deep-rooted love for theatre. She loves to sing and perform with a favoritism for musical theatre and Shakespeare.

Lara Nolan


End Times, Costumer, Production Manager, Photographer

Lara Nolan majored in costume & set design at Dartmouth College and has done costuming for youth theaters, historical costuming and a lot of Halloween costumes! In addition to costuming and props for End Times, Lara has wrangled film permits and FBI clearance for public and private locations and trekked all over the Northwest with gallons of home-brewed blood. Having inflicted Alex on the world, she feels a certain responsibility to help direct her energies toward good rather than evil. Pictured with Alex in “Our Town,” a show Lara costumed at Hillside Student Community in 2012.

Solika O’Neill


End Times, “Commander Burtke”

Hello! My name is Solika! I am a Computer Graphic animator and designer. I have worked on projects in Paris, France animating for a company that helps teach kids English. I am currently attending the Art Institute of Seattle working towards earning my bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. My hobbies would include: Archery, reading, drawing and just hanging out with my friends.

Rhys Ringwald


End Times, “Timothy Burtke”

With a penchant for playing eccentric characters, getting called up to play Barker was both totally surprising and natural. In college, Rhys was involved with seven theater productions ranging from the completely farcical to the buttoned up gothic. Under normal circumstances, Rhys is passionately engaged in projects involving business intelligence and marketing for the leading cloud service providers. Having worked on everything from product whitepapers to research on customer engagement and market segment analysis, Rhys finds himself at home on the technological frontier.

Melia Wallace


End Times, “Jen”
REDO! A Voter’s Opera, “The Countess”

Melia Wallace is an aspiring film/media editor, who spends her free time making fan videos and posting them on the interwebs. Joining the second season of End Times as “Jen”, she hopes to be captain of the “Jarchivist” ship. That is all. Bye.


Erich Williams


End Times, “Navin”

Erich Williams (Navin) proudly makes his film debut with End Times. Erich’s work has been seen around the Seattle theatre community, including Studio East, CORE Theatrics, Village, Balagan and the 5th Avenue Theatre. Aside from performing, he teaches dance and choreographs, earning a 2014 5th Ave Award Honorable Mention for his work on Singin in the Rain, and writes for the stage (Portland, Five Years, Is She Dead?). Favorite Stage Credits include: Sweeney Todd (Tobias), Bang Bang You’re Dead (Shadow – ITS Double Superior), Carrie (starring Alice Ripley), the premiere production of A Christmas Story: The Musical (Original Cast Recording).

Personal Tumblr
Photography Tumblr

Eron Smith


Blithe & Bonnie, Music

Eron Smith is an undergraduate music theorist from Decatur, GA. She currently attends Pomona College, where she enjoys songwriting, foreign languages (Spanish, French, Chinese), and the occasional philosophy course. Her songwriting has fallen into somewhat of a limbo due to less spare time, but her previous work as “Lanora Peculiar” is available through Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

You can also watch the official music video for Lanora Peculiar’s “Calculust” (produced by MMP’s own Alex Nolan!) here.

Natalie Anderson


End Times, “Tania Jackson”

Natalie is a senior Computer Science major and varsity basketball player at Wellesley College. She has absolutely no experience with film or stage acting but had a blast taking part in End Times! In her spare time Natalie loves to read and watch super nerdy documentaries and historical film – she’s currently watching HBOs The Pacific. She showed horses with the director in high school and as a result they share a bond that can only be formed through the stream of profanity thrown out during rounds and the occasional forgetting of rounds.

Collaborators: If you want me to update this information, send me an email and I’ll do so. If you’re a collaborator and you’d like your information here, send me an email with a bio under 100 words, any links to other projects or to social media, and a photo of yourself. -Alex