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In 2013, five teenagers must survive after civilization as they know it is wiped out. Twelve years later, their story is unearthed.

End Times is our most large-scale production. A web series following the survivors of a viral apocalypse, End Times is currently releasing its third season.

The series is written, directed, and edited by Alex Nolan and stars Abby Burlingame, Cameron Riggins, Kevin Wyatt-Stone, Katrina Santos, Jordy Renderos, Ryan Kearns, and Kim Miner.

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Armed with pop culture references, a few baseball bats, and an old camcorder, five nerdy teenagers set out to record their adventures in a post-apocalyptic world.

The group is led by Trace, an aspiring journalist, joined by her best friends Harry and Charlie as well as the newest additions to their band, the mysterious Kimber and her little brother Adrian. Left alone after a virus wipes out most of the adult population, they must face scavengers, cannibals, and a new society formed by the students of the nearby Greenden college.

Twelve years later, a bitter young woman from a militarized post-virus society finds their videos and begins deciphering them as she comes to terms with the injury that changed her life forever.


After living through a deadly virus, five nerdy teenagers join the students of the newly-formed Greenden Oligarchy. Aspiring journalist Trace’s video camera becomes invaluable as she documents the fledgeling government, Harry is overjoyed to be reunited with his boyfriend Dane, Kimber must find a home for her brother before her medication runs out, and Charlie is just glad to have food on the table.

But Greenden is not the safe haven it appears to be, and they quickly find themselves torn by a power struggle between the increasingly paranoid leader of Greenden and the survivors that have taken refuge in Greenden’s settlements.

Twelve years later, the Archivist who has uncovered the five’s videos returns to her task, forcing a confrontation with secrets about her superior officers that they never wanted revealed.


Twelve years after a deadly virus wipes out civilization, the Archivist catalogues the last videos from an account of the catastrophe. But information is missing, and she finds she has lost three years of the survivors’ lives.

Harry and Dane have joined Cally Albright at the helm of Greenden, and Kimber continues to work against them in secret, blackmailed for the medication that keeps her alive. Adrian’s memories of the world before the virus begin to fade, while Charlie’s haunt him. But Trace is still struggling with Maddi Valon’s fate, and an attack will bring those memories to the surface and plunge Greenden into a dangerous confrontation.

Every video brings the survivors closer to the present year of 2025, and the Archivist realizes they might be the key to reclaiming the life she has lost.